Government Organized Stalking Defined

I will give my own explanation of government organized stalking but it is a very complicated crime with many parts to it.  It is not a subject that can be lightly broached by someone and then expect to completely understand it all easily and quickly because not all of the answers are available and there is no official authoritative body of information on it for public consumption.  Only the criminals in the American government running these illegal operations against its own citizens have the full answers to it.  The roots of this problem begins with the financial elite and corporations of the world wanting to control everything and everyone. This group goes by many different names that others use to describe these rich and powerful people but I just call it the New World Order (NWO).  These elites have pretty much been heavily influencing and controlling the western democracies and their governments for a while now. It is the military industrial complex and corporate fascism all intertwined with national government but led and controlled by the New World Order crowd with their ultimate goal to install a one world totalitarian government.  They are using their power to covertly wage war and destroy the opposition that resides in the common citizens who are aware of the NWO’s criminal behavior and oppose the installation of this totalitarian one world government.  The fact that organized stalking is occurring in all western democracies unchecked with zero repercussions proves there is a power play for domination of western society and eventually the entire world by a control structure that transcends the nation states of these same democracies.  As part of this war, the U.S. Government has put into place the covert political machinery of the totalitarian state to deal with those citizens deemed a threat by these powerful elites. These citizens are decent people though who want nothing more than a free world and life for everyone. They have done nothing wrong or committed any crimes and are being persecuted like the Salem witch hunts of yesteryear.  The problem these people pose is that they have the moral character and courage to speak out the truth about all the many illegal dealings of the U.S. Government and corporations which are constantly working to erode our rights to freedom of thought, action, and expression. Truth getting out to the masses is the great equalizer to the great evil the NWO is perpetrating on the world and will be their  undoing.  The NWO knows this is true which is why they fear and seek out to destroy these people of good character.   Once identified, these people of character are blacklisted and then oppressed by having non stop stalking campaigns unleashed on them through corruption that runs the entire gambit from the national security agencies down to the local sheriff departments. The second part of organized stalking has to do with ongoing illegal human experimentation for the last 60 years or so involving neuroscience research or what might broadly be called mind control.  It seems that once blacklisted, you become a throw away American citizen that opens you up to possible illegal human experimentation beyond the organized stalking. A targeted person may find themselves exposed to  mind control technology and methodologies or exposure to certain types of directed energy weapons.  Mind control is a high area of interest that the national security agencies and military have been trying to control and conquer for a long time now.
To begin, “TI” is the common acronym for Targeted Individual in which the  many thousands of victims of this crime across this country identify themselves as or just “target” for short. The crime is a very sophisticated form of subtle but constant harassment that consists of psychological attacks made by many people all working together against the target/victim everyday with no let up. These acts committed by each individual stalker against the victim would not be viewed as a crime or anything too out of the ordinary at face value by themselves if the stalker was actually just a person going about their everyday life activities but they are not. The acts may look like rather common place neighborhood activities to outsiders but they are actually organized harassment episodes and a crime against the target because the stalker is actually working within a larger group that has been assembled with the intention to psychologically harm the target. A lot of these attacks are very subtle in nature and are blended into the normal everyday occurrences of a neighborhood to avoid causing too much attention on the stalkers or their actions but the target recognizes them as attacks because they have been sensitized to the fact that a hostile group of organized people are working against them all the time whether they are at home or away. The real crime is all the stalkers working in unison against the victim daily through a command and control structure run by the U.S. Government or one of its contractors and the cumulative negative effect it has on them and their life over the long run. An important thing to remember about this crime is that it is designed to be spread out over many people only doing minor acts so it is difficult to prove or pin it on any one specific person or group of people. The culmination of thousands of these attacks built up over time from weeks, months and years wear the victim down mentally which can cause a great deal of psychological anguish to the point where it is very hard for the victim to function with a healthy sense of well being anymore.  A victim/target has to learn  to get control of their emotions and behavior because of these attacks if they are going to survive it. The whole situation is rather overwhelming for the target because your average person experiencing this crime is ill prepared to deal with a full non stop 24/7 psychological warfare campaign waged against them and this is exactly what they have to endure. The motives behind these psyche attacks are not a harmless and trivial matter and the whole process is designed to destroy peoples lives which it does. These tactics take their emotional and physical toll on targets. There is no avoiding this and no one is above the power and damage of these psychological attacks over the long run.  Organized stalking destroys the victims quality of life to the point that they will be taken out of society for good one way or another. Targets can and do become destitute through lack of being able to hold or seek out work because of the stress and complications living as a constant stalking victim. Have no doubt, people have been killed (murdered) by this stalking program through the cumulative stresses of slow mental torture over the years or by way of being forced into suicide to escape their ordeal.  I do not think the main purpose of the program is to kill the victim although the target will feel this way for a long time and for some it is certainly a consequence of it.  The stalking program is a slow, laborious, costly, time and resource consuming way to kill someone which is mostly ineffective if that is the purpose of it so the logic does not point towards that being the real goal of the program. If they really wanted you dead, they would take you out quickly and would not mess around with stalking you. I think they want the victims to spread the word of the secret totalitarian state that now exists by word of mouth informally to the rest of the population. The message being, “this is what will happen to you if you criticize or challenge any actions illegal or otherwise of the U.S. Government or corporations”.  This is all part of the plan to install in America the new ideals of the culture of oppression and mind control based on fear and terror for the masses if they resist.  This is not speculation and is happening right now in the present day in America!  The powers that be are smart enough to know you implement a dictatorship slowly but steadily and the government is never going risk a civil war with the American people outright  by saying, “oh, by the way, America is a dictatorship now and you have no personal rights anymore. If you challenge us we will destroy you and your life”. This is the soft covert death of personal freedoms and democracy, not a flagrant outwardly violent over throw and death to it.
The common tactics of these organized stalking campaigns that all targets face is that you are under constant observation with high tech listening and surveillance equipment which can be used against you in your home non stop 24/7. There is no way for the target to know exactly when they are being monitored or not but it equates to most of the time in the first several years or so because the harassment is constant and spread out evenly throughout most of each of every entire 24 hour day based on your own activity in your home.  If you make it past this stage, the harassment slows somewhat and becomes more sporadic in nature with periods of high and low activity but it is still present almost every day.  The stalkers move into your neighborhood posing as regular folks and get close enough to establish the surveillance on the front, back and even the sides of your house if necessary. Using their high tech equipment allows them to know where you are in your house at all times and what you are doing with the ability to monitor all your conversations if you do not take precautions. The information they get from monitoring you is used to attack you many times daily and most targets do not realize just how bad their privacy has been violated for a long time until their stalkers start to show them over time just how well they can hear everything that goes on in your home.   When away from your house it is no better because you are tracked where ever you go.  When you go out into public the stalkers will attack you with a whole litany of different types of attacks that have been devised to be used in just about any situation you find yourself in the outside world.
Most targets experience this crime for quite a while (me, 2.5 years) before even learning about organized stalking.  Since they have done nothing wrong, most targets can not fathom the why or who that is behind the depth and sophistication of the psych operations that have been put into play against them or even of the government’s involvement in it. The entire experience is surreal and creates a sense of isolation for the victim because this stuff is hard to explain to other people that this stalking is going on in their life.  Most people you tell have no background information or experience with organized stalking to begin with making it hard for them to believe that such a harassment program exists and that something like this could happen in America. Targets wonder in the void of what is happening to them in this overwhelming situation often alone until they either find out about the crime of organized stalking and move ahead with their new found knowledge or eventually succumb to the system.  If they seek help from the police or FBI, they will quickly learn that no one from these organizations will do much of anything for them.  Targets are usually still unaware of the national security agencies, local police, and sheriffs’ complicity in organized stalking when they go to report the crime.  If these targeted people are really guilty of something then why do so many targets go to the FBI and police for help. Do real criminals turn to these organization for help? I do not think so.
How does this all begin?  I believe a cover story is manufactured by the government of some sort of wrong doing by the target probably with regards to terrorism or something similar to start the whole process in motion. This is to motivate the stalkers to participate in the organized stalking crime against the target even though the government officials running these programs know most of these people have done nothing wrong.  While there is a core group of criminals running these programs that totally understand the ramifications of what they are doing, a large part of the success of the stalking program relies on the ignorance of many of the participating stalkers culled from neighborhoods and watch groups.  Most of these people are not smart enough to realize they are being used by the government to commit a serious felony crime and that the real impact on the victim is a serious matter. They do not realize that they have been duped into being participant criminals themselves conspiring to greatly harm someone or even kill them.  Whether they understand that fact or not is irrelevant and they are just as culpable as anyone else knowingly committing felony stalking with intent to harm.
Where is this organized stalking coming from and why does it exist?  Presently, I believe it is coming from the Fusion Centers created by Homeland Security that were mostly established after the 9/11 attacks but the CIA, FBI, military and even local law enforcement all have their hand in it and are working together to make this happen. All of this has precedence though before 9/11 from very similar type covert operations run against the American people in the past that were supposed enemies of the state just like what is happening to the falsely accused targets of today.  Historically, my research on it says group stalking tactics in America originated during the sixties through a program run by the FBI called COINTELPRO to deal with undesirables or targeted enemies of the state.  The FBI COINTELPRO operation was found to be illegal by the Church Committee and supposedly shut down in 1971 but really just slowed down and went underground. The number of victims in the 80’s and early 90’s was limited but started growing as the 90’s progressed when mobile tracking and communications technologies became mature and widely available. This is a crime born out of  technological advances with cheap widespread communications equipment like cell phones and GPS tracking devices. Most of this tracking and the quick reaction times by the stalkers against the target couldn’t even have occurred 20 years ago for that fact alone.
The number of new organized stalking victims really started to take off in growth in the years after the 9/11 attacks which points towards the national security agencies being behind all of it.  As part of the corruption, American citizens are being targeted with organized stalking today because of overzealous incompetence practiced by the unskilled analysts at these Fusion Centers that do not have the education, training or experience to know what the hell they are doing. There is pressure to justify these over bloated anti terrorism bureaucracies because there is not nearly enough real threats or work to go around. The whole anti terrorism racket has made corporate contractors rich and incompetent government bureaucracies ever expanding at the expense of attacking many innocent American people non stop for years on end to keep the whole organized stalking program in a constant state of perpetuation.  With the stripping of many of our Constitutional rights under the Patriot Act because of 9/11, the war on terror has been used as an excuse to terrorize American citizens instead. There are never any charges forthcoming or questioning ever made against targets. Everyone is automatically treated as guilty with no due process. The rule of law has no meaning anymore.  The organized group stalking campaigns are then used to control the many people put into question on these lists to destroy them without having anybody to hold accountable for it. If they actually had any credible evidence on any of the targets in these investigations then why is no one ever arrested and charged with anything?
As if this information above is not disturbing enough by itself, as mentioned before there is another component to this mostly unknown story and it has to do with illegal human experimentation. One reason I believe people are put on the list is that a pool of candidates has to be maintained, so the corrupt amoral individuals in our government, military, national security agencies, along with academic research departments at universities and private business can illegally and non consensually experiment on human beings with new untested technologies and not be held accountable for the consequences of it.  They all collude together to make it happen.  Whether targets are picked before hand and put on the list to be experimented on or are chosen as a consequence of being put on the list for other reasons, I do not know. If you fit the list of  requirements they are looking for though you will be entered into the program without your knowledge and you will have to find out the hard way like the rest of stalking victims do over time. These stalking campaigns by themselves are definitely part of the experimentation but other targets claim they are being subjected to further experimentation beyond the organized stalking by classified high tech mind control and energy weapons used against them as torture.  Although not every target claims to experience these types of attacks, I do not think this group is precluded from the very real possibility that covert technologies are still being used against them but they have not been made aware of it yet.  This year a new group called International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies (ICAACT) was formed and has been scanning the bodies of targets for radio frequencies that the body should not be emitting and coming up with positive readings of over 50% of those scanned.  What that suggests is that these people have been illegally chipped somehow and the chip is transmitting data about them to somewhere else.  Right now this is all very new and more time is needed with these people taking X-rays to find out what these implants really are, how they got there, and what they do before moving on to the next step which would be removal.  It might come as a surprise to readers here but the U.S. Government has a long and shady past with regards to illegal non consensual human experimentation for at least the last 60 years on their own citizens and people in other countries as well.  The CIA’s  MK ULTRA program is one of the most notorious illegal mind control experimentation programs from the past used on Americans. What is happening today to targets is just the ongoing present era version of it.   President Obama’s  Bioethics Commission meetings on Feb28 – Mar 1, and  May 18-19, 2011 took public testimony from people being tortured by these weapons in addition to the organized stalking that goes along with it. The testimony can be seen here on this video at about the 20:00 mark.   I would strongly encourage the reader to watch the testimony of these stalking victims.  Links to the full meetings and testimony can be found on my post link here.
There is a major cover up going on around the country about the crime of organized stalking because law enforcement is not doing anything about it when targets go to the police or FBI for help. The general public, local law enforcement and the rest of the government that has not already been compromised and corrupted by this illegal covert stalking program are well behind the times in knowing about it and dealing with it.  More than likely, police and government officials do know of its existence but are too cowardly to deal with it. These are very evil and powerful men behind this tyranny to go up against. The reason that organized group stalking is not more common knowledge to the general public is because the media does not cover it much.  In my opinion, organized stalking has been suppressed a great deal by the corporate controlled media because of the American intelligence agencies complicity in it. I guess it would not be too cool to have the American public learn that their government is responsible daily for torturing and illegally experimenting on their own citizens. Things are changing for the better though and there will continue to be a steady flow of information about this crime in 2013 coming out through Internet news groups, radio shows, message forums, websites, blogs and networking with advocacy groups.  It is only a matter of time before this crime hits the mainstream and now with the Bioethics Commission involvement in 2011-2012 and the continued outreach of advocacy groups like (FFCHS) Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, more and more people come into the fold everyday.  The cable station TruTV show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura recently did the first mainstream TV show on the electronic harassment that many Targeted Individuals experience along with the organized stalking. This is very good news to see this information finally coming out into the mainstream. Here is the YouTube link to the show. . I would expect the momentum of our message and media coverage on organized stalking to continue growing in 2013.  People everywhere are becoming more educated about this crime everyday and that is a good thing.  For now, any exposure targets can get about organized stalking and the truth behind it is the most current victims can hope for as a hedge against this evil, unjust and deadly system.  I would encourage people learning about this crime to share this information with as many people as possible that innocent Americans are being psychologically tortured and worse everyday in this country with full concurrence by the U.S. Government.  Remember, anybody could become the next victim of this crime including you or someone you care about.

These links below are some of the better sources of information on the Internet about organized group stalking.

International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies  (ICAACT)

FREEDOM FROM COVERT HARASSMENT & SURVEILLANCE   This site is leading the fight politically to get the crime of organized harassment/electronic harassment investigated and stopped by the government agencies perpetrating it.  There is a petition to Congress to sign and also affidavits are being collected from victims of this crime to be filed with the US Department of Justice.  Check out the newsletters link because the letters have lots of information and links for targets and general audience alike.

Gang Stalking Journal

Some other resource sites

“Welcome to the World of the Targeted Individual” by Laurin Gallagher
(also be sure to use the link at the bottom of this page for more good information on this topic)    (this is a good site for info and takes a Christian/spiritual angle to the crime of organized stalking)


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