Purpose of My Blog

I created this blog to raise awareness about a serious crime called organized group stalking that is being perpetrated mostly if not all of it by the U.S. Government and is taking place all over the country. There are different types of groups involved with organized stalkings for various reasons but in my case it was a revenge type group stalking by East Indians from India. At least, this is how it was presented to me for about 3 years before I realized that the government’s national security agencies are really behind it.  I had been stalked by many in the East Indian community for three years in the Portland OR/Vancouver WA metropolitan area before all the other races got involved in my stalking as well which eventually led to to realize the government is behind it..  It is all a very complicated matter with a lot more to the story which can be read throughout my blog  but I now think that this Indian group is actually just one group of many crime groups the U.S. government works with to stalk thousands of innocent American citizens.  I have broken no laws nor do I have a criminal record and there is no justification to these stalkings which are totally illegal.   I hope to achieve three things with this blog. The first is to expose the East Indians and others for the criminals that they are and the  illegal government program behind it that runs these stalking groups, the second is to educate the general public about the existence and seriousness of this type of crime, and the third would be for information and support for other targets who come across this blog. Targets or TI’s (targeted individuals) is the term used for the people experiencing the harassment and being stalked. I can only relate my own experiences in this matter and what I have done to deal with it in hope of others learning from it.  I can give good advice on what to do or not do in certain situations for other targets through a combination of my experiences being stalked, my research on this topic and good common sense.  Organized group stalkings vary by the situation for each target so they may differ from one another a bit but all organized group stalkings share the common tactics of harassment used by the stalkers in one form or another. If you are a TI you will readily recognize what I have written in my report as true but the general public has a lot to learn about this topic and accept that these stalkings are true and real.  They are a real threat to every Americans’ rights under the Constitution.   I was no different from most people before it happened to me and had never even heard of organized group stalking.   I have now documented my story in the police report on this blog for everyone to learn from it.  Truth has a way of ringing out loud and clear so if I stay steady in my course over time then I am confident I will succeed in all three of my goals on this blog.


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