See How Easy It Is To Recruit Stalkers

I found this video of how easily people are tricked into bad and illegal behavior almost instantly for nothing in return. Can you imagine what they do for a little money or personal favors. This is the exact way hardcore stalkers recruit normal everyday people to do their stalking for them.  These new stalker recruits are shown phony police records about the victim and maybe even a nice shiny badge to get them to participate. I can’t believe how lame people really are. I know the hardcore stalkers exploit the average person’s sense of wanting to do the right thing and helping out in a situation where a person needs help but you see how easily it can be a sham without verifying the real facts of the situation.   Anybody with common sense should know that if you are just an average person then it is not your place to punish others even if a real policeman gives the order.  The law does not allow for that type of  leeway so it can not be abused like these stalkers are doing right now.  The video said only 1 in 22 people asked for a uniformed policeman to be there when they were asked to perform one of these acts and he eventually caved in as well as you will see.


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